Kitchen Sink Shelf

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Are your dish brushes and rags dry?

A damp cloth produces a lot of bacteria, which endangers the safety of you and your family.

VENTILATED DISCHARGE - Create a healthy environment. Keep rags & sponges dry and prevent the growth of bacteria. Drain holes are evenly spaced to prevent water from collecting.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN - Since you can freely adjust the length of the organizer, the organizer is suitable for any sink size.

USEFUL TOWEL BAR - You can easily store your towels. You can keep the towel dry, ventilated and thus clean and hygienic.

EASY INSTALLATION - The innovative design allows you to easily remove and wash the sink organizer. The buckle installation is sturdy and holds on to the sink bombproof.

Your advantages:

✔️ Tidy sink

✔️ No accumulation of bacteria and germs

✔️ No annoying water accumulation

✔️ Space-saving & innovative

✔️ High quality


1 × telescopic wash basin
Dimensions: 36CM × 9CM × 5CM
Weight: 260 grams