Clever Drainer

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The perfect kitchen sieve! Never drop anything into the sink again!

With its compact triangular shape, this strainer fits perfectly into the corners of any sink.
This creates additional space in your sink, which can be used for many things.

For example, you can use the strainer as a shelf for detergent, sponges or washed dishes. Furthermore, the sieve is also suitable for the intermediate storage of peeled fruit or vegetables and of course as a sieve for pasta, for example.

Easy to install - The sieve is attached with a suction cup. Therefore, no drilling or gluing is necessary for installation. The sieve is ready for use in a few seconds.

Multifunctional - The sieve can be used as a shelf for cleaning tools, fruit basket, draining rack/sieve and temporary rack for convenient disposal of fruit bowls.
Extremely stable - The sieve is bomb-proof thanks to the anchoring points in all corners.

Compact - The triangular design allows the product to make full use of the sink area and does not take up any extra space in the sink.

Excellent Water Drainage - Designed with sealed recesses for quick drainage to prevent water accumulation and bacterial growth.

Use anywhere - You can mount the Kitchen Strainer in virtually any rectangular sink, regardless of the surface or material of the sink.

Easy to clean - The kitchen strainer is made of food grade plastic. It is therefore rust-free and easy to clean.

Reusable - You don't need the strainer right now? No problem, the sieve can be removed at any time without leaving any residue and reattached later.